The New Illuminati: Part 2

Return to Power, Part 2 of The New Illuminati, chronicles the climax of a group of friends who pool their varied talents to right the injustices parlayed by the powerful.  A reluctant District Attorney, unsure whether to arrest the group or join them, teams with the FBI and the chase is on!  Copy cats spring up as the nation’s weariness of unpunished corruption surfaces and spills blood in the corridors of power.

While the guilty scramble from the line of fire, The New Illuminati wrestle with their new-found power.  How far?  How many?  How much?  How high up the political food chain?  And when will enough be enough?

Lovers balance a run, both for cover and for each other, as the Illuminati monster assumes a life of its own and begins to turn on Clayton’s Dr. Frankenstein, leaving no one safe and no place to hide.