Thankfully…The New Illuminati…is Here! David-Michael Harding Writes on Today’s News!

Harding places readers exactly where he wanted us to be…Are we supporters of The New Illuminati?

Losing St. Christopher was a high-interest book. There are elements of both positive and negative attitudes toward the Native Americans, and I enjoyed how Harding exhibited mixed marriages as well as white people who were willing to do anything to help their neighbors in need. Basically, I was hooked. Chancellor is a very powerful character, educated in both the white and Cherokee ways, which can cause conflict when he chooses certain ways to deal with issues. But at the same time, he’s a caring, loyal son and friend, and eventually father.

I recommend Losing St. Christopher! But here’s a warning: Grab a tissue for the last 3 pages because there is such a heartfelt ending that you can’t help but leak out some tears!

And don’t forget, I also read and loooooved How Angels Die by David-Michael Harding, which is a historical fiction novel about two French sisters who resist the Nazis in valuable, but very different, ways. – Rebecca Scaglione, Love At First Book


David-Michael Harding’s collection of short fiction offers the reader one good story after another, producing some regret for the end of each one. As with his other published work, each story is well-written and focused on interesting people. The historical fiction pieces have footnotes explaining some of the terms and events lost to time that help to keep the narrative close to the record of the eras.

Mr. Harding describes these short fiction works as “fully abridged” giving readers the opportunity to VOTE on the one story they would like to see expanded into a full-length novel. I have found David-Michael to be an excellent historical novelist by reading his novels How Angels Die and Cherokee Talisman. The two stories in this collection I like the most are St. Alden’s and The History of West Texas. The latter is the story that would give the best opportunity for Mr. Harding to use his talents to write a great novel or even a series of novels set during the Mexican War and the Civil War. – Gary Severance, Mobile Perceptions

5 Stars ‘Writing the Next Great American Novel is a marathon. Short Stories are the roadwork, preparation, and conditioning.’, Grady Harp Los Angeles, CA    TOP 50 REVIEWER    –    VINE VOICE    –     HALL OF FAME REVIEWER

Cats Cover FINALDavid-Michael Harding has come up with another superb book that shares with the reader the idea that short stories are the doorways to future novels. Or better said in quoting Harding, ‘Most novels begin their lives as short stories. Writing, much like any gift, skill, habit, or hope, is strengthened through practice, training, and exercise. The short story is the stretching and dedication to a running regime long before the marathon. It is the repetition of scales on the piano, years before the recital.’ And if you visit his website you learn that David-Michael Harding is a life-long writer whose work has appeared in national publications and has been recognized by the international writing community for his piece, ‘The Cats of Savone’. Harding’s highly respected historical fiction works include How Angels Die and Cherokee Talisman – both of which this reader has read on repeated occasions. According to is PR, ‘With a Masters in Education and as an adjunct professor of writing, he is a former collegiate writing instructor and semi-professional football player. His experiences provide readers with well researched, crushing fast-paced action. Most of his days are spent writing from the cockpit of his sailboat, Pegasus, somewhere off the Nature Coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.’

This ‘completely abridged’ collection of his short stories gifts the reader with works that range from sports stories to college stories to war stories (WW I as well as the Civil War and the place of black soldiers in that American confrontation) to prisons as a sanctuary for cats, to the tender passing of an old soldier in Texas and the events that lead up to a small town bridge being devoted to jazz concerts. Each of the stories is so well developed that every character has not only a name and a presence but by story’s end, also a recognizable face – that is part to of Harding’s gift as a writer. Harding doesn’t tip toe around his subjects: he jumps in with a bit of visceral thunder and makes each tale explode. He obviously has the talent as he has proven in his full-length novels, and now we can see the seeds of what just may become (hopefully) more fine solid novels.

broom“David-Michael Harding writes in such a way that the reader becomes5 stars enchanted with the story. He uses the cat and the affect that a kind and gentle animal can have on hard-core criminals; murderers. These animals bring out not only fierce tenderness and loyalty, but also the anger and violence that each of these men harbor down inside; and how the death of an innocent little cat can cause deep enough rage to make a man kill in revenge.” – Donna McBroom-Theriot, My Life. One Story at a Time

The Seal of the Cherokee Nation.Cherokee Talisman brings to life characters from our history and through a flare for fiction and historical research, Harding tells their story. Cherokees that might be painted by racist misconceptions as blood thirsty savages are humanized by Harding, making them heroes of a very real time. History is written by the victorious, but when almost forgotten historical characters are brought to life they are preserved for the ages, and in this preservation David-Michael Harding has succeeded.” –  Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker

“Cherokee Talisman is a well-written, obviously well-researched, and honest novel to a comprehensive treatment of Indian-American relationships, an excellent addition to a more fair treatment of Native American history and the genre of historical fiction.” – The Best Reviews

“Cherokee Talisman is a powerful story of the Cherokee Nation’s survival during a very turbulent time in American history. It is an incredibly realistic and brutal portrayal of a Cherokee man trying to save his family and Nation from the encroaching white man. Harding has written a masterful tale of survival that is not easily forgotten.” –  Kinx’s Book Nook

“The author spent hours of historical research to bring forth the humanity and personalities of these people, who own a substantial share of our colonial history. He has brought to life some of the more famous Cherokees, their laws and codes by which they lived and dramatized it in such a manner that the reader is living these times with these people.”  – Joan’s Musings

“In How Angels Die Harding delivers an edge of the seat read as he skillfully summarizes the events and pain of years of conflict during the Nazi occupation of France into ninety-six gut wrenching, mesmerizing hours.” – The Writing Examiner, David Roth

 “A brilliantly written account of life in France during the Nazi occupation of World War II. Characters are believable and sympathetic – each caught in abnormal everyday living in the time of war. The plot spares the reader none of the horrors of the years of the French Resistance. The story’s ending is powerful and unforgettable as the reader learns of the bravery of people now long forgotten.” – Readers Favorite

“Tells the story of two sisters who dared stand against Hitler’s regime in World War II, taking their own paths to thwart the German occupation in June of 1944. Even as they work towards the same goals, they find themselves at odds in many ways, as David Harding writes a story of intrigue through war, politics, and family. “How Angels Die” is a riveting tale that should prove hard to put down.” – The Midwest Book Review

“Terrific book and historical fiction at its best! Set in France during WWII, we learn of life during the Nazi occupation. I loved the characters and we became fast friends. I laughed with them and I cried with them. Mostly I cheered them on in their courageous work in the French Resistance. It was a page turner with plenty of action and drama. Ending is very satisfying. You won’t be disappointed.” – The Reading Room

“This book is incredible! The main story revolves around two sisters and how they both work for two very different sides of the resistance. I found this book very easy to read and hard to put down. David Michael Harding has a unique way of storytelling that read very much like a movie. I would highly recommend reading this book.” – Life Improvement Radio

“Not just another WWII story; it’s about how individuals & united groups give all they are to a common cause out of pure love. It’s not a fantasy tale or contrived story; it’s a well-research realistic viewpoint celebrating cost of ensuring evil won’t prevail in history’s unfortunately too frequent travesties of justice & fair treatment! Awesome, amazing, & deserving of best-seller status!” – The Best Reviews

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