“As a star horse racing bookie’s memory and skillset decline, he will stop at nothing to recruit the one person who can save his business, and perhaps his life – his daughter. Full of twists, turns, betrayals, action, and deceit, readers will watch as the outcome of this neck and neck race unfolds before their eyes. If you enjoy high stakes, Breakage is the nail biter you’ve been looking for.”
San Francisco Book Review
“Forget trips to Vegas! David-Michael Harding’s BREAKAGE takes you on a gambling adventure with horse racing, spine-chilling crime, and an intriguingly gifted and dysfunctional family. Readers who love crime, mystery, and thrillers will enjoy this curiously evocative tale.” 
Los Angeles Book Review
“Follow Donnie Chariot, a flawed man, and genius with numbers, as he attempts to set things right after his granddaughter’s sudden disappearance. Breakage is an action-packed thriller with dynamic characters, an engrossing storyline, humor, and jaw-dropping twists and turns. This is one book you should not miss for anything.
 Chicago Book Review
There are many novels and non-fiction works describing the French Resistance during WWII and this tale does not encompass the French collaborators, who after the war accused by the Resistance fighters, almost tore France apart. In this story, those who might be seen to be collaborators were actually Resistance fighters, but not as military units, which is the crux of this novel.
I truly enjoyed this story and recommend it to those who like WWII war dramas.
Joan A. Adamak – VINE VOICE
How Angels Die
Where Harding makes the biggest impression in his technique of writing is the fact that is able to construct characters who while dedicated to the same cause – the French Resistance – face different moral issues and must suffer the appearances of the lives they have chosen – lives dedicated to their country but hampered by the responses of their own people.
Grady Harp
How Angels Die
“All of the stories are very well written and entertaining. They take you back to experience a moment in time that is so detailed and complete, you’ll forget it’s fiction. The characters are engaging and believable and I was surprised by how emotionally involved I became with them while watching how their decisions affected their lives. If you’re looking for short stories that will hold your attention while giving you a candid glimpse into human nature, you’ll enjoy The Cats of Savone by David-Michael Harding.”
Jim Liston – Readers’ Favorite
The Cats of Savone (The Completely Abridged Series Book 1)
‘A unique group of friends pool their varied talents to right the injustices parlayed by the powerful’
Grady Harp
The New Illuminati: Part 1
“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”
 Thomas Jefferson
Return to Power: The New Illuminati Part 2
A great read. It’s like modern day historical fiction how timely the plot is relative to today’s headlines
Sarah D.
Return to Power: The New Illuminati Part 2
“Gripping book that will open your eyes to the harsh reality of our American history.”
Addison Brannon
Losing St. Christopher: Book Two of the Cherokee Series
“This book meets and surpasses the first one in the series, can not wait until the third book is ready for reading. The historical facts are outstanding, the story line even though fiction in some aspects is so true to life, Love David-Michael Harding’s books. He is a great writer and teacher.”
Stanley G
Losing St. Christopher: Book Two of the Cherokee Series
“This book would make great movie. I would love to see it on the big screen. As always with David Michael Harding’s stories, he does such a great job developing and creating the characters that you will really enjoy reading this one! This story is a must read!”
Book Fanatic
St. Alden’s (The Completely Abridged Series Book 1) 
“I enjoyed the technical details of the operation and historical explanation of a WWI German U-boat as it sank “enemy” ships.”
Forever Beneath the Celtic Sea (The Completely Abridged Series Book 1)
“What a great story. I loved it and the main character, a young girl named Rachel was so endearing. Very interesting and the characters were portrayed in a way that I really felt an attachment. I read it quick, thus a short story!”
Book Fanatic
Black Men in Bright Blue
“More than a Civil War anti-slavery story, Black Men in Bright Blue is driven by powerful female lead characters (not unlike this writer’s other novel, How Angels Die), but the twist in this story is that the champion is ten years old! This could be my favorite. When you read the many layers to the story, you’ll agree. Definite novel material, Mr. Harding!”
Black Men in Bright Blue (The Completely Abridged Series Book 1)
“Meticulously researched and masterfully written, Harding joins the ranks of the likes of Jack Higgins, Ken Follett, Frederick Forsyth, Craig Thomas, and W.E.B. Griffin.”
David Roth –
How Angels Die
“This was a very good book with historical information. Being interested in this period of time I really enjoyed the book. The book was very easy to read and kept you wanting to read more. I will read other books by this author. I would recommend this book to others.”
The History of West Texas According to Henry Brass (The Completely Abridged Series Book 1)
“As a life-long east coaster, it was interesting to learn the history of Texas relative to Mexico and The United States prior to the Civil War. The folksy wisdom of Henry Brass was amusing and fascinating.”
The History of West Texas According to Henry Brass (The Completely Abridged Series Book 1)