Donnie Chariot is the most gifted thoroughbred horse racing handicapper in the country. He single-handedly sets the morning betting lines across the country. His unique ability to distill data and past racing performances has made him rich and bestowed him with real power.

But when early onset Alzheimer’s causes his unique gift to fail him, mobsters from Manhattan to Las Vegas aren’t happy. Chariot needs his estranged daughter, who shares the same otherworldly gift with numbers, to help him, but their rocky past keeps them apart.

When Donnie’s granddaughter is kidnapped to force his daughter into the game, he controls everyone. Until he doesn’t. His mind failing, his daughter getting wise, and wiseguys wiser still, it’s a race to save a family before the momentum of the past destroys their future.

Grab the reins and go wire-to-wire with PEN International winning author David-Michael Harding as Breakage thunders down the backstretch in a heart-pounding thriller!