St. Alden’s

In a universal time a classic battle is taking shape between good and evil. Forces are aligning themselves on a unique battlefield – St. Alden’s University. There are no regiments of soldiers marching shoulder-to-shoulder however. There is only one man – the Guardian. He stands alone against an unending onslaught of fanged wolves who attack at the behest of a maniacal black knight.

No one can apply to attend St. Alden’s. Rather, St. Alden’s chooses its students based on a very exclusive standard and the curriculum is as unique as its students. The opportunities are endless with graduation, but you have to live to see it. After sunset, the grounds aren’t just dangerous – they’re deadly.

The Guardian is growing old. He is weakening and his enemies know it. As the last of the Templar Knights, he must recruit and train a replacement. The Guardian chooses his grandson, Crealand, who comes as a student, but is thrust into a world of magic he never would have believed as his grandfather passes down the secrets of a mysterious silver and the power of the Good. A stunning co-ed as unique as the university catches Crealand’s heart and the two young lovers face off against unspeakable odds as night demons try to put an end to a magical spring and its unique life giving water.

This piece is part of a collection of short stories and novellas that comprise The Cats of Savone, the initial installment in The Completely Abridged Series.