Vote!…St. Alden’s Wins!

Well, the polls are closed. I’m guessing it was all the Twilight and Hunger Games fans out there that took St. Alden’s to the top, albeit at the last minute (procrastinators!) Regardless, I’m throwing St. Alden’s fans a curve. I’ve received countless emails since How Angels Die was released that said my stories read like watching a movie. “Hmmm…. Now there’s an interesting thought….” I’ve dabbled in this area of writing (screen, stage, television) three times – once in each. “The Button Box” was for a PBS short 20 years ago. “The Big House” was a stage production that ran in upstate New York (local theater) in the mid-90’s. “How Angels Die” is a full feature film making the rounds in LA (nibbles, no bites – yet!) I think it’s time to dust off the screenwriting software and pen St. Alden’s as a full feature film rather than a novel. I know… I know… It’s not what I promised. Can I plead “writer’s prerogative?” Writing for the screen is a real wild and zany experience. Plus, I can’t turn back. I’ve already written the opening sequence!  Click here to see 1st 10 pages! Come with me. Let’s see how this goes. Ready? “Weee’re OFF to see the wizard! The wonderful wizard of OZ!”


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