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breakage-5Breakage © David-Michael Harding 2016, WGA Registered

The ‘Fastest Two Minutes in Sports’ had not ended – the winner had a furlong yet to cover – but Donnie Chariot knew the horse’s lead was insurmountable so he spent the last fifteen seconds of the Kentucky Derby totaling in his head the payouts that would cost him north of two million dollars, his reputation, and perhaps his life.
The most naturally gifted bookmaker in the country is developing early onset Alzheimer’s.  His infallible strategies are slipping and exposing his underworld clients to massive losses.  He needs his daughter, who shares the same remarkable gift with numbers, to help him, but they’ve been estranged forever.  When his daughter refuses to help and the mob doesn’t see an improvement in their losses, they kidnap the bookmaker’s granddaughter to ratchet up the pressure.  Now father and daughter are forced together to fight his illness, the kidnappers, and find the little girl.

ni-3-renaissanceBook 3  –  Renaissance © David-Michael Harding 2016, WGA Registered

The disjointed arm of the Illuminati has landed Sam in Monopli, Italy.  The Colletta family has him under their wing, but under the wing of the Cosa Nostra is not a safe place.  For a man on the run, it’s worse.  Much worse.  The hiding takes on many faces as Sam struggles to elude the U.S. authorities as well as the pain of loss that seems to haunt him regardless of where he calls home.  An obligation prompts Sam’s initial involvement in his new world, but word from home insures it.  The only thing worse than being a wanted man in one country, is being wanted in two.

TNI 600M

Book 4  –  600 Meters © David-Michael Harding 2016, WGA Registered

“If you want to kill a snake, hit it in the head.”  The New Illuminati have returned to their roots and are going after the most visible example of corruption yet in order to stop a pervasive tone set by the example of the President.  The new mission is grand – epic – monumental – insane, and could land the name Ciampiano alongside Booth & Oswald.  But there is a way – a way to assassinate a President – in fact, there’s two.  Sam has one, the other is up for grabs, but remember, “If you strike at a king, you’d better kill him.”  If you miss, you’re dead.