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Author Interviewed by Paul Cody, Co-Founder of 1Billion Student Stories

Paul: David when was the FIRST time you realized you had such a remarkable talent for writing? David: There is a gray area that exists between THINKING you have talent and REALIZING you have talent. I don’t really know where the edge is, unless you start objectively counting numbers. Perhaps …

PBS American Experience Trail of Tears – Watch Trailer!

Major Ridge, played by actor Wes Studi, and his fellow Cherokee leaders exit the Cherokee Meeting House at New Echota Historic Site. This historically accurate replica of the Cherokee Meeting House is located in New Echota, the capital of the Cherokee Nation almost 200 years ago. 1 After the Mayflower …

Author being interviewed by Erik Remmel, Life Improvement Radio

Author, David-Michael Harding with Erik Remmel, Radio Personality, Life Improvement Radio & President, Life Improvement Media Group Related articles Life Improvement Radio, The Entrepreneur in You