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Losing St. Christopher Proofs Have Arrived!

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Book 2 in the Cherokee Series, ‘Losing St. Christopher’ Due Out in May!

  In 1953, Albert Speer, Germany’s Minister of Armaments & War Production during World War II, wrote from a prison cell in Nuremburg,  that study of the treatment and eradication of the American Indian was an element in the plan for the final solution.  Speer, Hitler, and others in the …

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January Fall in Florida! Check it out!

The leaves are changing on the maple trees in the cool weather, but at the base of the big Florida Oaks, it’s colorful – but in a different way. Go Seminoles!  National Champs! Related articles

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Check Out Trail of Tears National Site!

On a recent promotional trip to Eastern Tennessee I had the opportunity to tour the Blythe’s Ferry area.  This is where several thousand Cherokee passed on the forced march to Oklahoma which was to become known as the infamous Trail of Tears.  The site is extremely well done and the documentation …