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Welcome to Ybor City!

Ybor CityWelcome to Ybor City – recognized by aficionados as home to a century of hand rolled cigars of the finest quality.

Ybor is also nestled within the City of Tampa, Florida, which cradles MacDill Air Force Base – itself home to USSOCOM (United States Special Operations Command).  That’s right, this is home for the Special Forces of our heralded military’s elite fighting units – the Army’s Airborne Rangers, the Navy’s Special Warfare Command, Special Ops Marine Corps, and Air Force Special Ops, – coalesce under Joint Special Operations Command.

Tampa and Ybor City also form the backdrop for the soon to be released novel, The New Illuminati, by award winning author, David-Michael Harding (How Angels Die, Cherokee Talisman, Losing St. Christopher).  The political thriller tracks the maneuvers of a group of young professionals who have had enough of the daily headlines out of Washington and corporate boardrooms that tear down the integrity of a great Nation.  By using their considerable technical savvy, they bring accountability to politicos who can’t answer a simple yes or no question and hide behind partisan politics as they conspire against the citizenry to make themselves wealthy and increase their realm of influence.

When computer manipulation isn’t enough, they escalate and violence erupts.  As the FBI and local police close in, members of the police find themselves asking if The New Illuminati are criminals or freedom fighters trying to save the United States from politicians and CEOs whose only agenda is re-election and greed.

National famous, The Columbia Restaurant, also plays a part in the novel as characters come and go and move through Ybor – often times in the shadows of the colorful yet nefarious past associated with the celebrated restaurant.

Look for The New Illuminati in the Spring of 2015 along with the sequel, The New Illuminati - Return to Power.
Look for The New Illuminati in the Spring of 2015 along with the sequel,                                                     The New Illuminati – Return to Power.



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