Not the Super Bowl, But I Got a Ring!

David football pic_001Seeing all the Super Bowl traffic made me pause and rummage through some old pictures…  In ’73-’76 I played a few unremarkable years for the perennial STC (Bi-State) Champion red & white Wolverines of Waverly.  Eddie Richardson, Billy Bostwick, and David Scrivener had all the talent, speed, and strength.  But it was a great group of young men.  Somewhere in the ’70s we used to watch the big guys in the semi-pro leagues play in the venerable Waverly Memorial Stadium and in Binghamton, NY.  After playing a few later seasons at the unique ‘Dannemora State University’ (Class of ’96), it was nice to play with rules again!  So over 20 years after watching them play, I got in a few seasons with the semi-pro Binghamton Jets.  It was a thrill and I played with some great athletes – Tioga County’s Wayne Aman was one of them, until I blew out one knee and Wayne two.  In 1997 we won the Empire League title and the NYS Championship (I think this picture was in ’97).  I’ve since given the ring to my grandson, but I still own the memories.  I’m a Giant fan to the core, but “Thank you, Jets!”  And let’s go Seattle (sticking with the NFC)!!

Jets Ring '97

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