Merry Christmas!

alonzo 002I don’t want to brag here, but I think I’ve gotten the best gift a historical fiction writer could receive! 🙂 My great grandfather (Alonzo Harding) served with Company I of the 5th NY Cavalry, during the Civil War. War department records indicate he saw intense action through Virginia until his regiment was forced marched west into the Shenandoah Valley in early 1865. Alonzo, just twenty years old, was eventually wounded so badly he was transported back to Washington and admitted to Lincoln Hospital. His Discharge Papers referencing ‘surgical disability,’ stamped March 9th, 1865, were recently uncovered.

alonzo 003Kate was able to locate a stunning antique frame circa 1860. With the help of the local museum curators, the document has been mounted in this unique frame (astounding in its own right) beneath UV protective museum glass – front and back, so the reverse of the document can also be viewed. It is an amazing piece, remarkable piece of Americana, and priceless addition to my family’s history.alonzo 010





Alonzo HardingChristmas is about family, as we all recognize. This piece reminds me to remember and recognize all those that have gone before us who have helped shape us into who and what we are, or labored in our corner of the world in ways big and small in order for us to enjoy the benefits and liberties we so often take for granted.


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