These are the type of men Tom Brokaw was thinking of when he said, “The Greatest Generation.”

DD843 Reunion 2013Recently I was incredibly honored to be able to attend a reunion of sailors who served on the USS Warrington, DD-843.  The Warrington was a destroyer that saw extensive service in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  The men that gathered are some of the best our country has to offer.

New Jersey

A group of veterans took me along on a unique tour of the Big J –  the USS New Jersey, BB-62, an Iowa-class battleship, anchored in Camden, NJ.  The New Jersey is the most decorated ship in the Navy.  She is also a beautiful ship.  I took this photo looking out over two turrets of her amazing 16″ guns – capable of firing a projectile the size of a small car 20 miles!

Me with a 5 inch shell casing stands beneath a flag flown on the USS Warrington in Vietnam.
Warrington Korea
Their stories were fascinating and compelling and I count it a rare privilege to have been permitted to sit in and listen.  I’m certain there is fodder here for a story!









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