Cats of Savone is Coming SOON!


For fans of the author, these shorts and novellas are glimpses into the stories, talents, and passion his rich characters are layered in.  Readers care about the people in a Harding story.  You’ll cheer, jeer, laugh, cry, and then VOTE for the one that becomes the next full length NOVEL!

Read, enjoy, and VOTE at

“Most novels begin their lives as short stories.  Writing, much like any gift, skill, habit, or hope, is strengthened through practice, training, and exercise.  The short story is the stretching and dedication to a running regime long before the marathon.  It is the repetition of scales on the piano, years before the recital.”

Read “My Boo Radley” and meet the peculiar ex-big league pitcher.  “The Cats of Savone” will take you into the world behind the walls of a maximum security prison while in “Forever Beneath the Celtic Sea” you’ll feel your hands pressed against the damp hull of a German U-boat.  You’ll be taken back to a hidden side of the Civil War in “Black Men in Bright Blue” and somewhere unknown through “St. Alden’s.”  Then saddle up to laugh and learn with “The History of West Texas According to Henry Brass.”



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