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Cherokee Talisman to be Released 11/21/12! Foreword Written by Chief of Cherokee Nation!

English: B/W Seal of the Cherokee nation
English: B/W Seal of the Cherokee nation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are few places more beautiful than the Cherokee homeland in the fall of the year. It is during the fall that our Creator paints the leaves on the maples and oaks, making the forests a colorful display of beauty. It was also in these same forests that many Cherokees lived, loved, and died. Our history as a people was so affected by the Trail of Tears that many historians begin the telling of our story at the Trail of Tears moving forward, and those who walked through those forests of maples and oaks are all but forgotten.

David-Michael Harding, in his novel Cherokee Talisman, takes the reader to our homeland in the fall of the year, in such a way that the reader can almost smell the earth and see the beautiful colors of the leaves. It is a glimpse of oneness with the land that Harding conveys to the reader so that the love of our homeland, and the desire to protect it, can be felt by the human spirit and understood. Cherokee Talisman brings to life characters from our history and through a flare for fiction and historical research, Harding tells their story. Cherokees that might be painted by racist misconceptions as blood thirsty savages are humanized by Harding, making them heroes of a very real time in our history forgotten by man, and preserved by few. History is written by the victorious, but when almost forgotten historical characters are brought to life, and their stories told, they are preserved for the ages, and in this preservation David-Michael Harding has succeeded.


Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker

Tahlequah, OK

November 2012

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