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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review: How Angels Die by David-Michael Harding

Name of book: How Angels Die
Author: David-Michael Harding
Publication: December 20th, 2011 – Q&CY Books
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance
In the darkest days of World War II, when France found itself at the mercy of a brutal dictator, the frontlines of resistance may just have been in the grasp of a few good women. How Angels Die, the epic work of historical fiction by author David-Michael Harding, delivers a highly inventive and uncommon take on the French Resistance that is certain to appeal to anyone who relishes a blood-pumping drama, which also sheds searing new light on the astounding bravery, profound passion, and razor-sharp cunning of the fairer sex during the most trying times.

In four fateful days, two remarkable sisters, Monique and Claire McCleash, battle the German occupation of their coastal French town in the early days of June 1944. While their mission is the same, their methods of upending the occupation are irreconcilably at odds. The strikingly beautiful Monique puts her body and wit to work for the Resistance by dating and sleeping with German officers; her younger sister Claire elects instead to serve as an active combat guerilla fighter for the cause.

Brimming with high drama that is punctuated by family humor, How Angels Die lifts the veil on a lesser-known side of the French Resistance. Through the prism of two intrepid women, the novel illuminates how these women employ their formidable assets and fierce love of country to face down a vicious enemy. With page-turning action, unstoppable passion, and historical accuracy, this heart-racing novel is a must-read for sisters, history buffs, and action enthusiasts alike.

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“This book is definitely the first book I read that has a historical twist in it, except Alexander Dumas’ books (The Three Musketeers, The Count of Mount Cristo, etc…). It was different but still very much enjoyable.
Two sisters, Monique and Claire, live with their parents in the time when the Germans are conquering France. The people in the Resistance are fighting everyday against the Germans, trying to win their country back. With only their hate for Germans in common, Claire and Monique are very different.
The way they deal with the situation is different too. While Claire grabs a gun and kills as many Germans as she can, Monique uses her body to gain as much information as she can from German majors and colonels.
But when Monique meets the German Major, Pieter, their lives are changed forever. With Germans knocking on every door (literally), will Claire and Monique be able to bring the love they share, back alive? In this captivating novel, you will explore the depths of emotions, and the true heart-breaking power of love.
I liked this book very, very much. The voice of the author is truly unique, he captures the reader’s attention like an owl in the night. Your attention will never stray away from the book, the story will compel you to finish this book.
The characters are all realistic and relate-able, Monique and Claire are lovable. Monique is soft-hearted, lovely, and feminine. Claire is the bad-ass, strong-willed, and stubborn. Their relationship is very realistic, the definite relationship between sisters that everyone with siblings can relate to.
The only complaint that I have, which isn’t exactly a complaint is:  The sexual content in the book, there is a lot of reference to rape, sex, etc… But I guess that was the issue back then, since the Germans took advantage of every French girl they found, it was heart-breaking. I wanted to grab a gun and kill every freaking German!
A reminder, don’t forget to bring a WHOLE box of tissues when you read this book. I cried my eyes out, they were so red and swollen. This book is recommended to every history-fanatic, every romance lover and everyone who wants to read something different and tearful, which is almost every female out there (including me, of course)…”

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