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July 6, 2012
How Angels Die
Historical fiction: WW2 German Occupation of France

“Fans of books by Allan Folsom and/or Tom Clancey are sure to enjoy “How Angels Die.” David-Michael Harding is a great story teller. This is fast-paced, well-written fiction that will grab your attention.

Harding has a particular knack for capturing the nuances and realties of interpersonal relationships and his characters become very real. He captures the pent-up rage and emotion, the “going along to get along” mood, and the impact the mere existence of Nazis in France had on the souls, minds and families of this occupied country.

Yes, it is good that the courageous Monique died just before the Germans left Paris, and yes, there are a few historical details that are not quite perfect, but as a history instructor who had relatives in France during this time period, I would give this book an “A.”

Find a good chunk of time when you can just sit and read. You will not want to stop turning the pages and will probably sprint through this book. There are a number of fascinating twists and turns in the story and it has a satisfying ending.”  Kim Burdick

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