‘How Angels Die’ Chapter 8 Claire Discusses a German Luger

“That’s a Luger, isn’t it? The P-08?” “Uh, yes. Yes it is.”  Claire moved slowly and ran her fingers across the butt of the weapon until only her middle finger hung near the action. “Not a lot of knockdown power though. Not like the Americans’ 45, but then again you have the advantage of a larger capacity clip.”  The same finger now moved to her mouth and hung on a protruding lip. “Or not? I can’t remember. Isn’t that silly! Yours, I should think, was manufactured in Berlin or maybe Karlsruhe.”

Luger P08 service pistol
The German Luger P08 Claire references on page 94 and featured on the cover of How Angels Die was the sidearm of choice for many German officers in WWI & WWII. It was replaced by the equally as famous P38.
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